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Inspirational Athletes

10,000+ individuals participate in the Life Time Chicago Half Marathon & 5K every year. Each participant has a reason why they strive to cross the finish line. This is a collection of the inspiring reasons and people that will have you believing “You can do this!”

Abe H.

In his weight loss journey since May of 2022, Abe has lost over 120 pounds training with his personal trainer, Tim Olson, and running on his own. The Life Time Chicago 5K last September was his first official race.


Andrew Crockett

When he joined Life Time 6 years ago and almost 200 pounds heavier, Texas native Andrew Crockett never thought he would one day be running a half marathon. “I had absolutely zero running background…maybe running to the car when it was raining and probably not even making it in time.”


Dot Sowerby

Showing us that “you are never too old” to compete, Dot Sowerby, a 90 year old runner from Greensboro North Carolina, joined us last fall to participate in the Chicago Half Marathon. Coincidently, Dot set a new half marathon world record when she crossed the finish line.


Kailee Remez

This race is extra special for Remez, as her old high school cross country team and coaches are planning to come in from all over the US to reunite and race together.


Lisa Lapin

With the goal of running a race in every state to raise awareness for kidney donation, California native Lisa Lapin will be running the Chicago Half Marathon last September.


Luke Montgomery

Life Time member Luke Montgomery calls his Westminster Colorado Life Time location his second home. A runner his whole life having participated in various 5K and 10K races in the past, he is now set to take on his longest distance yet with the Chicago Half Marathon this fall.


Poska Family

Bringing family together and running where her husband was born and raised, California native Kimberly Valentine-Poska and her son Matthew Poska will be running the Chicago Half Marathon to keep Freddie Poska’s memory alive.


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