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Luke Montgomery Half Marathon Story

Life Time member Luke Montgomery calls his Westminster Colorado Life Time location his second home. A runner his whole life having participated in various 5K and 10K races in the past, he is now set to take on his longest distance yet with the Chicago Half Marathon this fall.

At 30 years old, Montgomery has visited nine different Life Time locations, and enjoys that no matter where he is, he feels “welcome as soon as (he’s) on the Life Time property.” He loves Life Time to the point where he visits his location seven days a week, taking part in various physical and wellness activities to keep in good health. 

Coming to Chicago for the Half Marathon will be his first time in the city, and he is excited that the Chicago Life Time location will be his 10th one to visit. “Choosing the Life Time Chicago Half Marathon was a no brainer. I know the company, I know what they do is quality, and I’m expecting nothing but a great experience. From signing up, to getting feedback and responses, to receiving my race shirt in the mail, it’s been a really smooth process and I am confident that Life Time’s Half Marathon would be a really safe bet and a good first experience for this kind of race,” he said. 

Living in Colorado, Luke has a variety of different terrains to train on, but he also enjoys running on the treadmills in his Life Time location. He integrates treadmill practice into his training for insight on his speed and pacing ahead of longer runs outside. 

Looking ahead to race day, he is excited to achieve “personal physical fitness.” He said, “This race has been something to work toward as a physical goal. To run 13 miles in one full swing is going to be difficult, but I’m looking forward to being able to accomplish that.” 

Montgomery has heard from peers that Chicago is beautiful in September, and looks forward to meeting up with his dad in the city (who’s coming to cheer him on) and sightseeing while the weather is still nice out. “We’re totally going to see the Bean, and do a River Tour, and just have a good time,” he said. 

As he continues his training for the race, Montgomery reflects on how thankful he is for the Life Time community providing him with a supportive training atmosphere. “Life Time allows us to come somewhere where people are wanting to get together and build each other up and have an opportunity to enjoy ourselves in a constructive way,” he said.

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