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Registration Station

Pricing Schedule

Please refer to the options below to view the pricing schedules for 2023.

Race DistanceSeptember 18 - September 23
Half MarathonSOLD OUT

Race DistanceSeptember 18 - September 23
Kids Run$30.00

Confirm Your Registration

Did you register and can’t find your email confirmation? No sweat. Choose your race option below to confirm your registration. See you at the start line!

Refunds, Transfers, and Deferrals

We have revisited and revised our policy on entry refunds, deferrals, and transfers to provide more athlete flexibility for event participation. A link to this policy will be included in the registration process, whereby participants must indicate that they understand and accept the terms.

Days Out By Life Time By Participant
90+ 60% Refund Deferral fee of 40% of current registration fee.
Free Deferral
89 or less No Refund Deferral fee of 40% of current registration fee.
Free Deferral
  • No refunds on services fees, donations or merchandise.
  • Deferrals are only good for the following year, in the same event.
  • No refunds on transactions over 365 days.

To access your personal Event Profile, log into ChronoTrack Live with the email address you used during your race registration. (This will be the email address that you received your Confirmation Email with). Click HERE to log in to CT Live.

1. Find your race in the Events tab (1) under the Upcoming (2)section of your CT Live profile, then click on the blue Change Race button (3)

2. Once you click the Change Race button, follow the steps to either Defer or Change your Race registration. If payment is required, proceed through checkout in order to complete the process.

3. If you Deferred, you will be issued a Deferral code that can be used in the eligible events as determined by the Event Organizer. Any necessary payment due must be paid before the code is generated.

Your Deferral Code will be posted in a few places for reference:

  • The code will be displayed in the deferral window directly after payment.
  • It will also be listed within the Deferral Confirmation Email you will receive after payment.
  • The Deferral Code will be posted under the Coupons section in your profile, along with its Value and a link to view eligible events that the code can be used for.

4. If you Changed your Race registration within the event, you will be sent a Confirmation Email after the process is complete

Please Note: All Deferral codes have an expiration date, so be sure to use the code at the earliest opportunity. If you have questions or are confused about any aspect of your Race Change or Deferral, check with the Event Organizer to review the options that are available to you BEFORE completing the Race Change or Deferral process.

*Active duty and military personnel who are deployed or recalled may be refunded or defer at no cost. Proof of deployment or recall is required.

Refer a Friend

Race day is MORE FUN with friends. That’s why our Chicago Half Marathon & 5K team created a referral program for you to expand your #ChiHalf community this September. Here’s what you can do:

  1. FIND your unique referral link in your confirmation email.
  2. SHARE that link with your friends, family, co-workers, colleagues, etc.
  3. EXPAND your #ChiHalf community this September!
Get rewarded when friends us your referral link.
You will be refunded $5 for every athletes that registers using your unique referral link. (maximum of 10 athletes/$50 refund).

See the instructions below on how to refer a friend.

1. End of Registration

Once you complete the registration process, you will get a confirmation message that looks similar to the image on the right. You will be able to share or copy the referral link right from this page.

2. Confirmation Email

Your confirmation email will also include sharable links for you to get your friends and family involved. It will look similar to the image to the right.

3. Sharing Links

The link from the registration webpage can be copied and pasted into whatever platform you desire.

Share to Facebook

The Share to Facebook link will navigate you to Facebook with a default post. (Example shown below)

Invite Friends

The Invite Friends link will create a “new email” that can be sent to your friends. (Example shown below)

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