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“Absolutely wonderful experience and the Partner Appreciation party went beyond expectations.  We travel all around the country every weekend and can honestly say this was one of our favorite experiences.” – Shefit

“We have nothing but positives and superlatives for this, my first outdoor race expo experience. The management staff provided timely communications prior to, and during the event.  Their enthusiastic support throughout the whole process was great.  So was that of the volunteer staff.  We thoroughly enjoyed this event.” – Black Toe Running Co.

“The Life Time team are professionals, and handle issues that inevitably arise with candor, humor, and alacrity.” – eXOsports

“Life Time Staff are always working tirelessly to make the experience a positive one for the runners and vendors.” – Team to End AIDS

“Thanks again for all your hard work to make it a successful expo for your vendors and runners! Thanks also for the vendor appreciation party. I do around 25 expos/year for the past 6 years and this is the first expo to have a vendor appreciation party! It speaks a lot about your company and events and the value you place on taking care of your vendors, so thank you!”

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