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Race Day Logistics


Jackson Park
6401 S Richards Dr, Chicago, IL 60649

The Race Venue is located in Jackson Park, set in Chicago’s historic south side. Because the race starts approximately 7.5 miles from downtown Chicago, participants are encouraged to have a plan in place for getting to the venue.

Gear Check and Will Call open at 5:00 AM Half marathon corrals will close at 6:45 AM, followed by the Race start at 7:00 AM on S Cornell Dr., just north or E Hayes Dr. Depending on logistics, participants should plan adequate time to check gear, locate their corrals, find friends, etc. in order to make it on time for race start.


If you are driving or taking a ride share service to the start line tomorrow, please know there is significant construction on South Dusable Lake Shore Drive between 35th and 53rd street causing a reduction in traffic lanes. 

We HIGHLY encourage athletes to take the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/94) and then head East toward the Museum of Science and Industry parking lots. Note: Google/Apple Maps or your Uber/Lyft driver may be routing you to Lake Shore Drive, however we HIGHLY recommend selecting an alternate route.  

We can’t reiterate enough the importance of planning ahead and arriving early. Lake Shore Drive will completely close at 6am. Any half marathon athlete that arrives late and misses the start of the half marathon will only have the option to participate in the 5K. 

Shuttle Service

Athletes have the opportunity to register for shuttle service during registration for $15. If you did not purchase a shuttle during registration you can purchase them at the pre-race party by visiting the “Solutions” booth. Keep in mind that limited shuttle tickets are available.

Shuttle Pick Up Locations:

  • Millennium Park – Corner of Randolph & Michigan Ave.
  • CTA Belmont “L” Station – 950 West Belmont Ave. (Red/Brown/Purple Lines)

Athletes will have a sticker, listing which shuttle service they chose at registration, placed on a designated area on their bib. Spectators that purchased shuttle access will receive a digital pass via email.

Tentative schedule (times subject to change):

  • The Millennium shuttle will depart at 4:45 AM and the Belmont shuttle will depart at 4:30 AM. Only those athletes presenting relevant shuttle bus location bib stickers will be permitted to board. Please, DO NOT remove the sticker from your bib and DO NOT be late as the buses must depart on time!
    • Last shuttle will arrive at Jackson Park at 6:00 AM.
  • Shuttles will begin returning to both locations at 9:45 AM
    • The last shuttle back from the Finish Festival will depart 12:00 PM sharp.
    • You will need your bib with shuttle sticker still attached in order to board the returning shuttle (Do not remove from bib).
  • We highly encourage shuttle riders to arrive 15-20 minutes early to ensure we are able to load the shuttles prior to departure.



Shuttle parking for Millennium Park riders is available at a discounted rate through our friends at Millennium Garages. Purchase in advance to receive a discounted 12-hour rate for the Lifetime Chicago Half Marathon & 5k Presented by HOKA on Sunday, September 23, 2023.  For the most convenient parking to shuttle pick-up at Randolph & Michigan is Grant Park North. The Grant Park North Garage is located at 25 North Michigan Avenue between Randolph & Monroe.

METRA Rail Line - METRA Electric (ME)

METRA Rail – METRA Electric Line

METRA’s Electric Line departs Millennium Station (at Randolph and Michigan Ave) and arrives at 63rd Street Station – less than 1/4 mile from the Race Venue. You have the option of a one-way ticket or purchase a $10 All Day Pass. Visit to purchase tickets and to confirm schedules.

Current Race Day train options include:

Jackson Park

Trains TO Race:

Depart Millennium Station                                      Arrive 63rd St. Station
#8301             4:40 a.m.                                           4:58 a.m.
#101                4:50 a.m.                                           5:10 a.m.
#803               6:10 a.m.                                            6:28 a.m.
#8305             6:40 a.m.                                           6:58 a.m. (5K only)

Each of the above trains are flag stop which means passengers must notify the conductor for drop-off at these stop locations.

Trains FROM Race:

Depart 63rd St. Station                                            Arrive Millennium Park
#8310              9:57 a.m                                           10:16 a.m.
#810               10:27 a.m.                                          10:49 a.m.
#8314              11:57 a.m.                                          12:16 p.m.
#814                12:27 p.m.                                          12:49 p.m.

Each of the above are flag stops which means passengers on platform must be visible to the conductor in order for the train to stop for pick-up.

Ride Sharing: Uber/Lyft

One of the most convenient ways to get around these days is by the use of ride sharing apps such as Uber or Lyft. By now, most of us have either one or both installed on our phones. If not, you can easily upload these apps by visiting the App Store for iPhone or Play Store for Android.

It is highly recommended to plan ahead of time by reserving a ride from one of these apps a day or more in advance. This will keep the ride cost down and ensure that you have a ride reserved for you already.

When ordering through your ride sharing app, make sure to input your destination as – Stoney Island & Hayes/63rd.


The classical way of getting around any urban area and still widely used today. Taxis are still in abundance throughout the city of Chicago. However, you’ll want to plan ahead of time and reserve a ride from any of the taxi service companies operating in the city before race day.

Ride Your Bike

Dedicated, unsecured bike parking will be available in the Finish Festival area in Jackson Park. Look for bike parking racks on the tennis courts near the southeast corner of Cornell Ave and Hayes Dr. Please plan to lock up your bike while you participate.

*The event is not responsible for loss, theft or damages.


Parking is limited near Jackson Park

  • We highly encourage all athletes + spectators that will be driving race morning to carpool, if possible.
  • If carpooling is not an option, your best choice for parking is the Museum of Science and Industry parking lots.
    • Walking directions to the start line from here:
      • Exit the garage > head south on Cornell Dr towards Midway Plaisance
      • Turn left and head south onto S Stony Island Ave.
      • Take that to E Hayes Dr, then head East towards the start line which is located past the Golden Lady.
  • S Stoney Island Ave is experiencing major construction that is making it difficult to access regular street parking areas in the neighborhoods west of Jackson Park.
  • If you’re able to access the Hyde Park/Woodlawn neighborhoods via 90/94, you may find it easier to access the Midway Plaisance which has street parking but keep in mind that spaces are limited.

*If you drive, plan to arrive early. The event is not responsible for those who drive and do not make the start of the race. Please pay attention to the NO PARKING zones near the race venue.

**The public lots at Hayes and Lake Shore Drive are NOT available to participants or spectators.

Driving Directions

  • From the North: Lake Shore Drive will close at 31st Street at 6:00 AM
  • If accessing Lake Shore prior to 6:00 AM, exit at 57th Street to proceed to parking garages and street meters. Those accessing Lake Shore after 6:00 AM will need to exit at 31st Street, proceed westbound to King Dr. and south to 55th Street.
  • From the Dan Ryan, take Garfield Blvd exit to Midway Plaisance
  • From the Skyway, take Stony Island Exit to Midway Plaisance
  • Please monitor the Jackson Pack Transportation Improvements page for construction updates

* Times and street locations are subject to change.

Street Closures

No Parking Zones along the course will be enforced beginning at 1:00 PM on Saturday, September 23. Please look for ‘No Parking’ signs in your area for full details. Street closures along the route will occur between 3:00 AM and 1:00 PM on Sunday, September 24.

City streets will re-open promptly as the final runners pass through (at a 16-minute mile pace). Chicago Police will be responsible for closing and re- opening streets. Please follow their instructions when approaching the course.

Towing of vehicles along posted No Parking zones will be enforced beginning at 1:00 AM on Sunday, September 24. For inquiries about towed vehicles, call 311.

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