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Pre-Party Information

Venue & Contacts

Morgan MFG
401 N. Morgan St., Suite #100
Chicago, IL 60608
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Exhibitor Contact:
Megan McCormick
(770) 503-4039

Sponsor Contact:
Karissa Plath
(612) 619-2755

Expo Operations:
Grisell Rodriguez
(787) 685-8762

Schedule of Events

Thursday, September 26, 2024
• 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. Exhibitor Load-In

Friday, September 27, 2024
• 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Exhibitor Load-In
• 1:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. Expo

Saturday, September 28, 2024
• 8:00 a.m. – 9:30 a.m. Exhibitor Set-Up
• 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Expo
• 5:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. Exhibitor Load-Out

Exhibitor Information

The Chicago Half Marathon Pre-Party will take place at Morgan Manufacturing.

Please review each section below prior to completing your EventHub registration. Please reach out to Megan or Karissa with any questions.

We’re looking forward to hosting you at this great event!

Please reach out directly to Megan or Karissa with any questions regarding load-in. Exhibitors will select their planned load-in time within the EventHub registration application.

Drive In/Hand Carry Materials
Exhibitors may drive onto the main entrance of Expo and drop-off materials cars must be moved immediately or they will be towed.

Load-in dates and times available to exhibitors are below:

    • Thursday, September 26: 1:00pm – 6:00pm
    • Friday, September 27: 9:00am – 12:00pm

If you need to coordinate an on-site delivery of your booth materials to Morgan Manufacturing, please reach out to Megan or Karissa to evaluate your request.

Expo management will assign booths to exhibitors and sponsors based on their booth preferences submitted within EventHub, venue operations limitations, contract requirements and the products being displayed. All exhibitors will receive confirmation of booth assignment prior to the event. Exhibitors are not to activate outside of their assigned booth space.

Booth Furnishings
All booths are organized by 10’×10′ spaces. Exhibitors must bring everything with them to activate within their booth space. The Event does provide items for rent within EventHub’s Add-On offerings.

Activation Guidelines
Exhibitor’s materials must fit within the assigned booth space and may not obstruct walkways, exits, general view, and other exhibitors. Exhibitors are not to activate outside of their assigned booth space. No handouts or flyers may be passed out or posted outside of the assigned booth space. This will be strictly enforced. Any special booth construction must be submitted for prior approval.

Audio systems, balloons, floating, hanging or propelled devices and drones are prohibited branding elements and will not be allowed within the Expo.

Pop-up tents are allowed at this venue.

Subletting of Space
Expo management strictly prohibits subletting of booth space. This means that the only company permitted to activate within a specific booth space is the one that signed a contract with Life Time. Exhibitors may not share their booth space or use their space for any other reason without prior written approval from Life Time. Exhibitors must remain open at all times during expo hours. The expo is non-exclusive.

Products with the event logo, name, etc. may not be sold, displayed or distributed without prior written approval from Life Time. Management reserves the right to restrict and remove any product it deems objectionable (includes products, persons, objects, conduct, etc.) for health, safety or other reasons. This may include products in conflict with sponsors.

NO CANNABIS, CANNABINOID (CBD), OR RELATED ITEMS MAY BE PRESENT AT THE EXPO WITHOUT PRIOR APPROVAL FROM LIFE TIME. Expo management and Life Time staff reserve the right to restrict and remove anything that has not been pre-approved.

Exhibitors may sample certain products at the expo. Please indicate your intent to do so within your EventHub registration to receive approval.

POWER: Power is accessible within the Expo in certain booth locations. Please consider the “power available” booth options on the layout when submitting your preferences. Exhibitors may purchase access to power as an Add-On when completing the EventHub registration. Exhibitors must bring their own extension cords and any necessary items to power their booth needs.

ICE: Exhibitors may purchase ice as an Add-On when completing the EventHub registration.

CHAIRS: Available for rent. Exhibitors may rent chairs as an Add-On when completing the EventHub registration.

6′ TABLES: Available for rent. Exhibitors may rent 6’ tables as an Add-On when completing the EventHub registration.

Exhibitors selling products or services are required to abide by the State of Illinois requirements. The sales tax rate for the Chicago venue is 10.25%. You are required to report and pay the sales tax to the Illinois Department of Revenue within ten (10) days of the close of the expo. There are three different reporting methods depending on your business’s tax location.

  • If you are a Chicago-based business or have a Chicago location, please report and pay the sales tax using your normal reporting methods (form ST-1 or equivalent). You DO NOT have to submit the Special Event Tax Collection Report and Payment Coupon.
  • If you are an Illinois-based business, but do not have a City of Chicago location, you must submit form ST-2, Multiple Site. You DO NOT have to submit the Special Event Tax Collection Report and Payment Coupon.
  • If you are an out of state business, please use the Department of Revenue Special Event Tax Collection Report and Coupon to report and pay the sales taxes collected.

Please DO NOT send the sales tax report forms or payment to Life Time. Please mail the forms and payment to the Illinois Department of Revenue at address listed on the specific tax report forms.

If you have any questions regarding the sales tax, please contact the Illinois Department of Revenue Special Event Coordinator at: (847) 294-4475 or email at

Security will be provided by the Vertiport overnight on Thursday and Friday nights, but exhibitors are responsible for their own materials, as Life Time, Inc. is not responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen property. Please ensure your booth is staffed at all times during open expo hours and valuables are not left overnight.

Credentials will be issued to exhibitors at the time of check-in, based on the information provided in the EventHub registration. All exhibitors must wear credentials at all times.

Fire, Safety & Health Regulations
Exhibitors agree to comply with local, city and state laws, ordinances and regulations. Exhibitors are responsible for all fire precautions.

Please refer to for Life Time’s Insurance requirements. Exhibitors must adhere to these requirements and provide documentation if requested by Life Time.

Please read the following options carefully. Exhibitors will select their planned load-out method via EventHub.

Option 1: Drive Out/Hand Carry
Exhibitors may load-out by driving in and/or hand-carrying bins of materials through the Vertiport starting at 5:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. Saturday night.

Option 2: Transport to the Finish Festival
If an exhibitor has a reserved space at the event day Finish Festival, event staff can potentially transport their items from the Vertiport to Finish Festival via a Chicago Half Marathon truck. The truck will depart Vertiport at approximately 8 PM on Saturday evening. If approved for transport, sponsors must stay with their materials at Vertiport until they are loaded into the truck. The truck will be unloaded on Sunday morning around 4 AM. The Chicago Half Marathon is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen materials. There will be security on-site within the finish area throughout Saturday night. Exhibitors must indicate below how much material they would like transported on the truck to ensure that there is enough space. Expo management will reach out to exhibitors with approval.

Option 3: Coordinate Pickup from Vertiport
Sponsors have the option to coordinate a pickup directly from Vertiport after the Pre-Party ends on Saturday or Sunday. Please notify Megan or Karissa if you choose this option.


Please submit your EventHub Registration HERE.

Questions? Please reach out to your Life Time National Account Manager.

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