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Support Crews

The role of a rider’s personal SAG (Support & Gear) Crew carries great significance to the success of each UNBOUND participant! They are required for all UNBOUND participants and they are greatly needed to help encourage, support, and should it come to it, pick up a rider if they need to abandon the event! 


The safety of our riders and fair play ethics of the event are of the utmost importance to us here at UNBOUND. By taking up the responsibility of a Personal SAG Crew member you are taking responsibility to know and abide by these event rules.

The most important thing for Personal SAG members to know and understand is that the check points are the ONLY locations where you are allowed to assist a rider. The only time you should ever be on the course is to pick up a rider who is abandoning the event. If you are seen on course we will assume your rider is being picked up and will be DQ’d.

Please take the time to know all the rules as your athlete support begins long before the actually start riding. Help them out by knowing what is being asked of them.

Participants will be responsible for printing their own set of course maps and/or cue sheets prior to the event. These documents will be the rider’s primary means of navigation. In addition, the course may have a limited number of course markings to reassure participants they are on route. DO NOT RELY ON COURSE MARKINGS FOR NAVIGATION. USE THE MAP AND/OR CUE SHEETS!!! Participants may load the route into their GPS prior to the event, to assist in navigation.

Key rules to note:

  • Each participant, regardless of event distance, MUST have present at the event at least one support crew person to come get them should they need to abandon the event.
  • Multiple riders may share the same support crew.
  • UNBOUND 200 and UNBOUND 100 riders who do not have a personal support crew may wish to consider our support crew forhire program.
  •  Cut-off times will be established for reaching and for departing each checkpoint. Any participant not reaching a checkpoint before the established arrival cut-off time will be pulled from the event. Any participant still at a checkpoint after the departure cut-off time will not be allowed to continue past that point.
  • Arrival cut-off times are based on an average speed of 10 mph and are established for the purpose of rider safety. Therefore, these times will be strictly enforced.
  • Support Crews are NOT allowed on course, except to pick up a rider who is abandoning the event. IF A SUPPORT CREW VEHICLE IS SPOTTED ON COURSE, THEIR RIDER WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. Providing support to a rider while on course goes against the self-sufficiency spirit of this event. It is unfair to other participants, and therefore will not be allowed.

Important Places

UNBOUND200 Checkpoint #1

Downtown Alma

226 Missouri Avenue

Alma, KS


Council Grove High School

129 Hockaday Street

Council Grove, KS

Check Point Schedule

UNBOUND 100 – Checkpoint One – Mile 54.8

Location: Council Grove High School- 129 Hockaday St, Council Grove, KS First Rider Expected: 9:15 am

Arrival Cut-Off Time: 12:00 pm (Noon) Departure Cut-Off Time: 12:30 pm

UNBOUND 200 – Checkpoint One – Mile 64.4

Location: 226 Missouri Ave, Alma, KS 66401 First Rider Expected: 9:15 am
Arrival Cut-Off Time: 12:30 pm Departure Cut-Off Time: 1:00 pm

UNBOUND 200 – Checkpoint Two – Mile 151.5

Location: Council Grove High School- 129 Hockaday St, Council Grove, KS First Rider Expected: 1:35 pm
Arrival Cut-Off Time: 9:40 pm
Departure Cut-Off Time: 10:10 pm

UNBOUND Finish Line – 727 Commercial Street, Downtown Emporia, KS

First UNBOUND25 Rider Expected: 10:45 am

First UNBOUND50 Rider Expected: 11:30 am

First UNBOUND100 Rider Expected: 11:30 am

First UNBOUND200 Rider Expected: 4:00 pm

First UNBOUNDXL Rider Expected: 4:00 pm
Race The Sun Cut-Off Time: 8:45 pm Midnight Club Finish Time: 8:45 pm – Midnight Breakfast Club Finish Time: Midnight – 3:00 am Finish Line Cut-Off Time: Sunday, 3:00 am

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