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Race Information



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General Race Information

Both the Half Marathon and 5K races will be fully supported with Aid Stations, Course Marshals, a network of EMS resources and Radio Operators both along the course and at the Start and Finish lines.

Start Corrals

All Half Marathon participants have been assigned into a corral based on their estimated finish time, as indicated by the pace your provided during registration. All participants must begin the race in the specific start corral, identified by the letter sticker located on your bib, which you will receive at the Pre-Race Party/Packet Pickup.

Participants may move back (to slower corrals) in order to start with others, but may not move forward. The Half Marathon will begin with continuous, rolling “waves.” Para Athletes will begin at 6:57 AM. The first Corral (Corral “A”) will start at 7:00 AM. The final Half Marathon runners (Corral “J”) will cross the Start Line at approximately 7:15 AM.

Don’t Be Late! Half Marathon corrals close at 6:45 AM

NOTE: All Half Marathon participants will clear the Start Line by 7:15 AM, when the 16-minute per mile pace (the maximum pace allowed) countdown begins. Half Marathon participants who arrive after 7:15 AM will not be allowed to proceed on course. Late half marathon participants will have to participate in the 5K race.

The 5K will begin with a Para Athlete start at 7:35 AM, with the remaining 5K participants starting at 7:45 AM.

Gear Check

Gear Check is located within the Finish Festival, located in Jackson Park, just south of the tennis courts. Follow the directional signage throughout the venue to guide you.

NOTE: All baggage must be inside the CLEAR PLASTIC BAG which will be available at Gear Check. Baggage will not be accepted if items are not properly stored inside the bag.

Personal bags or backpacks may not be placed directly in the clear bags. Participants must remove all contents from their backpack, place them inside the clear bag, then place the backpack in the clear bag. All items must be visible.

Close and secure your bag affixing the Gear Check label from the race bib to the bag. Participants must have a race bib to use Gear Check. Only give items to volunteers working at Gear Check.

Arrive early to check bags, as Gear Check will close five minutes before Race Start. Life Time is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. After the race, items must be picked up from the same location before Gear Check closes at 12:00 PM.

Unclaimed items will be donated to charity. All bags are subject to search and seizure by the Chicago Police, event security and Race Officials.

To expedite Gear Check; make certain to secure your bag and affix your Gear Check tab from the bottom of your race bib, using the beaded zip, which is available at Gear Check, so that the tab is visible to the Gear Check crew.

All VIP participants will have a private Gear Check which allows you to avoid the crowd and long lines of the main Gear Check area. For more information, you visit the VIP Experience page here.

Medical Support

Medical assistance will be available at numerous Aid Stations along the route, along with a Medical facility located at the Finish Line. Participants requiring medical assistance may be transported to one of the nearby hospitals, and will be billed by the hospital and ambulance provider. Participants must give on-scene medical personnel the freedom to determine which facility will be utilized.

IMPORTANT! Each participant must complete the medical information form on the back of their bib. Please take time to fill out your medical information and provide emergency contact information. This makes your information available to health care professionals in the event you are unable to communicate with them.

Mobile medical responders will also be stationed throughout the course, including the Race Guards – a unique set of race volunteers whose sole purpose is to keep an eye out for participants who may need assistance along the course. Race Guards provide supplementary medical support to the existing race medical plan for an added level of athlete safety by running along side the participants. They will patrol the course, help out where necessary and are easily identifiable with red Medical bibs. Safety is our top priority so be on the look out and say hello as you pass them!

Aid Stations

Pre-race water will be located on the northeast corner of Hayes & Cornell near the Start Corrals. Water and Gatorade Endurance will be provided along 10 Course Aid Stations. Aid Stations will be located at the following locations: Mile 1.5, Mile 2.5, Mile 3.5, Mile 5, Mile 6, Mile 7.5, Mile 8.75, Mile 10, Mile 11, Mile 12.25 and the Finish Line.

Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels will be available at Aid Stations E & F. Gatorade Endurance Energy Gels provide 20g of carb energy, natural flavors, a light texture and taste.

Portable toilets will be included at each of the Aid Stations listed above, as well as throughout the Start, Finish and Finish Festival areas.

Mile Markers and Split Times

Each mile marker will have a large display clock indicating the elapsed time of the event. These display clocks will show the time from the official start of the race (elapsed time), not an individual’s “chip time”.

Pace Team

Chicago Endurance Sports will provide pace groups for the following finishing times:

1:30 – starting in corral A

1:40 – starting in corral B

1:45 – starting in corral B

1:50 – starting in corral C

2:00 – starting in corral E

2:10 – starting in corral G

2:20 – starting in corral I

2:30 – starting in corral J

2:45 – starting in corral K

3:00 – starting in corral L

3:30 – starting in corral L

Participants do not need to sign up for a pace group in advance, they can simply join the group the day of. Pacers will be carrying signs with the target finish time. Visit the “Pace Group” booth at the Expo for more details.

Course Closures / Pace Requirements

The Chicago Half Marathon is the city’s only road race to utilize an entirely traffic-free Lake Shore Drive. Witnessing the sweeping views along one of the nation’s most famous and scenic roadways requires intricate coordination with the City of Chicago, the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT).

In order to lessen the community impact of closing Lake Shore Drive (and surrounding streets), this event offers a 16-minute mile pace requirement.

A 16-minute mile pace goes into effect as soon as the last participant crosses the start line and is maintained by the Back of the Pack Crew – a group of volunteer runners who encourage runners to stay on-pace. The Back of the Pack Crew is followed by the SAG van and a clean-up crew, who work to immediately reopen the course at specific time intervals.

Participants who do not maintain the 16-minute pace and fall behind the Back of the Pack Crew will have two options:

1) Move to south bound Lake Shore Drive, which can be accessed at three different locations/checkpoints along Lake Shore Drive.

2) Board the SAG van and be transported to the finish line.

The Finish Line will remain open until 11:30 a.m. Gear Check and the Finish Festival will close at 12:00 p.m. Final shuttles will be departing Jackson park at 12:00 p.m.

Race Day Photos

Marathon Photo is the official photographer at the HOKA Chicago Half Marathon & 5K. Sign-up to be alerted when your photos are ready for viewing and purchase.

Make sure your bib number is facing front at all times during the race and don’t forget to smile when you cross the finish line! Order your photos here.


Gatorade Endurance is a portfolio of products created specifically for endurance athletes who are training and racing for prolonged periods of time when fluid and electrolyte losses can be significant. Gatorade Endurance Formula and Energy Gels help deliver critical fluids and nutrients to get you through the Chicago Half Marathon & 5K. We’ll have Lemon-Lime Endurance Formula on-course at all aid stations and Mango, Blackberry, Apple Pear, and Vanilla Energy Gels at Aid Station E and F. Learn more about the Gatorade Endurance line of products at

Beat the Clock! In order to meet the pace requirement, we have provided the following mile locations, and associated cutoff times to help you stay on pace:

Half Marathon Cut-offs

Street 1Street 2MileageCut-off Time
Northbound Lake Shore Drive55th St.2.58:00 AM
Northbound Lake Shore Drive47th St.3.758:25 AM
Northbound Lake Shore DriveE Oakwood Blvd.58:45 AM
Northbound Lake Shore Drive / Entry Ramp31st St.7.59:30 AM
Entry Ramp to Lake Shore DriveFort Dearborn Dr.7.759:35 AM
31st St.Lake Shore Drive Entrance Ramp (On top of the bridge (West side) before re-entering highway7.759:40 AM
E Oakwood Blvd.Southbound Lake Shore Drive8.7510:00 AM
47th St.Southbound Lake Shore Drive1010:15 AM
53rd St.Southbound Lake Shore Drive1110:35 AM
E Hayes Dr.Southbound Lake Shore Drive12.2510:55 AM
E Marquette Dr.Southbound Lake Shore Drive12.511:00 AM

5K Cut-offs

Street 1Street 2MileageCut-off Time
Northbound Lake Shore DriveE Hayes Dr.1.58:10 AM
Northbound Lake Shore DriveE Marquette Dr.2.758:35 AM

PLEASE DO NOT START EARLY! Traffic and safety rules prohibit early starts. Early starts will be eliminated from the Official Results. If you cannot maintain a 16-minute per pace mile, you will be required to divert to the Lakefront Trail.

SAG Support / Back of the Pack Crew

The Back of the Pack Crew and SAG van will signify the end of the field and the maximum 16-minute per mile pace. They will not start timing until the last person crosses the Start Line and will be with you throughout the race. If you cannot keep pace, you will be directed to turn around and head toward the Finish on south bound Lake Shore Drive or to board the SAG Van.

Event Alert System (EAS)

This race will utilize the EAS system, encompassing a color-coded system to reveal current event conditions. Participants will notice flags posted throughout the Race Venue, at the Finish Line and at each Aid Station on Race Day. EAS updates will be communicated through PA announcements, social media, web posts and/or dedicated emails.

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