The Chicagoland Run Club Challenge is a club incentive program created with the goal of building more meaningful relationships with the local run community. This program rewards club participation through special marketing opportunities, coaching outreach, complimentary race weekend amenities and prize purses.

How It Works

Once enrolled, head coaches or team managers will receive a custom discount code for promotion to their respective athletes who will then use the code to register for  Chicago Half Marathon. Life Time staff will track team registrations, advise of usage rates throughout the season and award perks accordingly.


As registrations accumulate, clubs become eligible for the following race weekend amenities:

* All spaces include 1 table and 2 chairs
* In order to bring your own tent, teams must submit a COI. 

In order to retrieve these race weekend amenities, team rosters will be due Monday, August 28, 2017.

Run Club Challenge

The Run Club Challenge, where groups compete for local bragging rights and top prizes, is a complimentary program open to non-elite, half marathon distance participants. All team members must be registered for the half marathon prior to a team being created. Details include:

  •   Teams must consist of 5-10 individuals
  •   Team scores will be determined by adding the scoring members’ age-graded percentages*
  •   Team scores will consist of the five highest scoring participants
  •   Teams with fewer than five people will NOT be eligible for competition
  •   Teams with more than 10 members must create additional teams
    • Example: If CES brings 100 athletes, they could create upwards of 10 teams, each with unique names (e.g. “CES Fast Team, CES Beer Team, etc.”).
  •   Top three performing teams with the highest combined scores will receive awards:
    • 1st – $1000, 2nd- $500, 3rd – $250
  •   Team members are also eligible for individual awards, within their respective age group category.
  • Participant must wear their assigned race bib. Bib swapping is not tolerated. Bib swapping will result in automatic disqualification from the team.

Club Competition inclusion, names and rosters can be submitted HERE  and must be submitted by August 28th in order to receive the race weekend amenities. Teams can still turn in rosters after August 28th but will not be eligible  to receive the race weekend amenities.

Please feel free to email me,, for any questions or concerns. For a PDF of the Challenge Rules and Perks, click here.

How the Scoring Works

The Chicagoland Run Club Challenge will be using traditional age-graded scoring. Traditional age-graded scoring is the ratio of the approximate world-record time for your age and gender divided by your actual race time. The Chicagoland Run Challenge will look at the team’s top 5 runners and add up the total age-graded score of the team. The team with the highest age-graded score will win the Challenge.


1. 456.50 – Team 1     (91.32) WINNER


1   95.56 – Runner 1

2   95.27 – Runner 2

3   89.03 – Runner 3

4   88.47 – Runner 4

5   88.05 – Runner 5


2. 450.50 – Team 2     (90.10)


1   96.35 – Runner 1

2   92.13 – Runner 2

3   88.29 – Runner 3

4   87.06 – Runner 4

5   86.42 – Runner 5

*For more information about age-grading percentages please refer to this the following article

The Fine Print

This program represents an agreement between the Chicago Spring Half Marathon, Chicago Half Marathon and the participating club, its coaches, athletes and relevant support staff. Pass through inclusions and/or entitlements via third parties (e.g. club sponsors, retail partners, etc.) are not permitted within the scope of this program.

In order to participate in the Run Club Challenge, runners must have paid for their entry.

Club discount codes are valid for the half marathon distance or 5k. You must be registered for the half marathon distance to participate in the team competition. Individuals must utilize the discount code 30 days prior to the events, or before individual race registrations reach capacity – whichever happens first. Life Time staff will do their best to notify you of approaching sell-outs.

Unfortunately, those who fail to register using the team code are not be eligible for a retroactive $20 discount. 

Final team registrations will be tallied on August 28, 2017. Allowing adequate time for race weekend space allocation and team preparation. A team can still register after August 28, 2017, however they will not receive any of the team amenities. There are no post-close registration opportunities. Please avoid promoting your team’s discount code in public areas, as the general public is not eligible for discounted entry.

To Enroll

Head coaches or club managers wishing to enroll in the program can simply fill-out and submit the online application, found HERE:

Thank you for your continued service to our events, and please don’t hesitate to let us know how we can better enhance your team’s experience. We look forward to an incredible 2017 season!

Contact Us

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Ph. // 312-880-1705

For a printable form of the 2017 Chicagoland Run Club Program, click here.